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Chamotte is produced by calcining/sintering of kaolin cley or flint clay, mainly in rotary kilns, but in shaft, tunnel or round kilns as well. We deliver various grades with different alumina content and refractoriness. Depending on the chemical and mineralogical composition the chamotte grades have specific corosion and acid resistance. Chamotte is one of the longest and most used minerals for the production of shaped and unshaped refractory products.  It is also used as moulding sand in foundries and for the production of acid-proof bricks. We can deliver "run-of-kiln" material 0-25/0-50 mm but also crushed sizes and milled powder.
Origin (local): China
Production process: Calcining of kaolin or flint clay
Producer: Shanxi Rulaishan
Packing: Bulk
Big Bags
Hazardous goods: No


Mineralogical phases: Mullite
Chemical analysis:
Al2O3 40-50 %
Bulk Density: min. 2,50 g/cm³


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