Product Information - Metal Powders


Metal Powders are mainly produced either mechanically or by spraying liquid metal and sieving it into the required fractions.
The main areas of applications of our metal powders are the refractory, the aluminothermic and chemical industries.
Our delivery program includes different grades of aluminium grits and granules, silicon metal powder, aluminium/magnesium powders, ferro silicon powder and mixes.
Production process:
  1. Atomization: molten liquid metal is sprayed, partially under protective gas atmosphere, and becomes fine grit. The particle size required is produced by sieving.
  2. Pyrolitic treatment: aluminium foil waste, e.g. from the food industry is burned in furnaces and coatings and prints are removed.
  3. Milled grits are produced by cold-mechanical grinding of foils etc.
    The required sizing is achieved by sieving.

The following sieve widths are available for grits: 63µ, 75µ, 100µ, 160µ, 200µ, 250µ, 315µ, 400µ, 500µ, 630µ, 800µ, 1000µ, 1500µ.
Passivation can be done by:
- Oils
- Paraffin
- Stearic acids
Processing method: Sieving, carbon removal, passivation etc.
Packing: Numerous kinds of packing are available:
- big bags with or without pallets
- 25kg bags on pallets
- drums on pallets
Please contact us.
Hazardous goods: The aluminium grits, silicon and ferro silicon powders are no dangerous goods according to the hazardous goods regulations. Aluminium/magnesium metal grits are considered as hazardous cargo due to the Mg content.
There is a general risk of dust explosion when handling metal powders.


Colour: Grey powder, bright or dark, depending on fineness and –if applicable- type of passivation.
Density: The bulk density can be altered by mixing powders of different densities,
e.g. atomised aluminium and foil granules.
REACH: REACH registrations are available for all metal powders distributed by us


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