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Mullite is an alumino silicate with high refractoriness. Refractory grade calcined bauxite and kaoline are homogeneously mixed in a ratio according to the required chemical and mineralogical composition. Our standard grades have 45/47/60/70 % Al2O3. The products are calcined in modern rotary kilns, the length and calcining temperature ensure a complete mullitezation. Rulaistar Mullites have a high thermal volume stability and high thermal shock resistance. Rulaistar Mullites ar characterized by an excellent high temperature creep and corrosion resistance.
Origin (local): Inner Mongolia/China
Production process: Exploitation of high grade bauxite and kaolin
Fine Milling
Wet mixing
Drying in filter presses
Extrusion pressing
Grades: Rulaistar M-45
Rulaistar M-47
Rulaistar M-60
Rulaistar M-70
Rulaistar M-80
Other grades with different composition can be produced on demand
Producer: Shanxi Rulaishan
Packing: Bulk
Big bags


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