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Brown fused alumina is an Aluminium oxide, produced by fusion of calcined bauxite in Electric Arc Furnaces at a temperature of abt. 2000 degree Celsius. BFA has a high refractoriness, is extremely hard and stable. According to the application and requirements BFA is produced in Higgins kiln or in tilt kilns. We can deliver BFA grades with different chemical purity in different standard refractory and abrasive grain sizes.
Origin (local): China
Production process: Electric arc furnaces
- Higgins type
- tilt type
Processing method: Fusion of Bauxite
Packing: bulk
big bags
Hazardous goods: no


Mineralogical phases: main phase: corundum
Chemical analysis:
Al2O3 92 - 97 %


Main applications are
- shaped and unshaped refractory products
- abrasive products
- blasting medias
- brake and friction linings


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