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Extracting raw materials from “waste,” analyzing production waste, and searching for ways to use secondary raw materials are our goals. We help avoid waste, find new sources of (secondary) raw materials, and foster the circular economy. For this purpose, we analyze your breakouts and production residues, recycle pre-sorted waste, and return the secondary raw materials to (your) production.

(Contract) Processing

As a contract processor, we offer further processing (crushing, drying, screening, grinding, mixing, packaging) of various minerals in a total of 20 production plants. This enables us to process up to 300,000 tons per year. - 7 Crushing and Screening Unit


We offer a total storage capacity of over 250,000 tons for your raw materials and finished goods, to ensure continuous delivery without downtime.


We pack or repack – directly into silo trucks, big bags or PE/paper bags – your minerals, your wish, your order.

Laboratory Analysis

We analyze raw materials, secondary raw materials and minerals in our own laboratories (LOI, XRF, sieve analyses, grindability, interlaboratory comparisons, etc.).