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Fused Spinel MgAl2O4 is a synthetically produced raw material available with an excess of either Al2O3 or MgO and is used in many refractory applications.

MgO rich spinels are mainly used as alternative to magnesia chrome bricks in MgO-based refractory products, e.g. in cement rotary kilns, in order to avoid the emission of CrVI during the break-out of bricks, which may be dangerous for the health of the workers and the environment.

Al2O3 rich spinels are mainly used in Al2O3-based refractories, e.g. in monolithics for steel ladles, non-ferrous metallurgy and glass production.

Origin (local): China
Production process: MgAl2O4 Spinels are synthetically produced by fusing caustic magnesia and alumina or bauxite in briquetted form in the required ratios in electric arc furnaces at approx. 2,800°C.
After being cooled down the Spinel is crushed or milled into the required sizes.
Processing method: Fused spinel can be supplied in typical refractory sizes such as
- 0-approx. 30mm
- crushed grain sizes, e.g. 0-6mm, 0-3mm, 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-6mm etc.
- milled material, e.g. 0-200mesh, 0-325mesh, 0-20µ and other sizes
Packing: Several packing types are available:
- big bags, with or without pallets
- 25kg bags, with or without pallets
- loose

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Hazardous goods: No hazardous material.
Properties: Spinel increases the thermal shock resistance and is resistant against slag corrosion.


Chemical formula: MgAl2O4
Colour: white to grey
Melting point: Abt. 2,135°C
Hardness: Mohs 7.5-8
REACH: Spinel is registered by us.


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