Product Information - Fused Magnesia


By fusing in an electric arc furnace "fused magnesia" can be produced, which along with sintered magnesia is used for refractory bricks (e.g. to line steel furnaces or cement rotary kilns) and for electrical insulation in furnaces.
Magnesia has a melting point of approx. 2800°C.
Here too there are single-stage and two-stage processes, in which either magnesium carbonate is fused directly or via the interim stage of caustic calcined magnesia.
Origin (local): China
Grades: Our supply programme includes fused magnesia in various grades relating to:
- MgO purity
- Composition of minor chemical constituents
- Mineral phases (forsterite, dicalcium silicate etc.)
- Crystal size (periclase)
- Density
- Grain size, fineness


In addition to the b.m. there are also other industrial applications, including

- Thermal insulation (e.g. in heating elements)
- Leather processing
- Other


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