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Graphitized Petroleum Coke

Graphitized Petroleum Coke is produced by graphitizing petroleum coke. This special process gives the material unique properties and makes it versatile. It is characterized above all by its conductivity and high temperature resistance.

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Production of high-performance electrodes for electric arc furnaces; production of lubricants and friction materials for the automotive and heavy industries; production of batteries, fuel cells and other electronic components; production of plastics and chemicals

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We offer a range of services and processing options for your material.

Other Products

Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous Earth is a pale-colored, soft, lightweight sedimentary rock composed principally of silica microfossils of aquatic unicellular algae.

Graphite Electrodes


Graphite Electrodes are special electrodes that are made of high-purity graphite material. They are used in various industrial applications, especially in metallurgy and el...

Lightweight Fillers


Lightweight Fillers are materials used in various industries to make products lighter without losing strength. These materials are often porous and have a lower density com...