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Raw materials for your needs


The polyurethane industry requires innovative raw materials to produce versatile materials for various applications. CREMER ERZKONTOR offers a wide range of raw materials for polyurethane production. Our products range from polyol and isocyanate components to additives and catalysts. With our support, you can develop customized polyurethane solutions that meet the requirements of your industry, be it construction, automotive or furniture manufacturing.


Methylene Chloride


Methylene Chloride is a colorless liquid with an ethereal, but penetrating odor. Its miscibility in alcohol and ether and slight solubility in water has made it an ideal so...

Toluene Diisocyanate 80/20


Toluene Diisocyanate 80/20 (TDI) is an aromatic diisocyanate that is a clear, pale yellow liquid with a sharp, pungent odor which is insoluble in water and miscible with mo...