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Fused MC Spinel

Fused MC Spinel is a synthetically produced material for the refractory industry. It is a mixture of magnesium oxide (caustic magnesia) and chromite/chrome ore concentrate or chromoxyde, which is melted in an electric arc furnace. As it cools, fine spinel crystals are formed with the structure Mg(Cr,Fe)2O4, evenly distributed in the periclase structure of the excess magnesium oxide. The Fused MC Spinel is then coarsely crushed into fragments (0 – approx. 40mm) or crushed into standard fractions, sieved and ground for use in refractory blocks and compounds (e.g. in RH processes and for the lining of cement rotary kilns). Fused MC Spinel is characterized by a high level of corrosion resistance to base impurities and high resistance to temperature changes.

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Fused magnesia is coarsely crushed and used in lump form (0 to approx. 40 mm) or crushed, sieved and ground into standard fractions in refractory bricks and mixes in the refractory industry (e.g. in RH plants and for the lining of cement rotary kilns).

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