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Agglomerated Maltodextrin

Agglomerated Maltodextins are purified, concentrated, nonsweet, nutritive carbohydrates made by hydrolyzing corn starch. They occur as a white, slightly hygroscopic powder, as granules of similar description, or as a clear to hazy solution in water. Powders or granules are freely soluble or readily dispersible in water. A solution of Maltodextrin is characterized by a bland flavor, smooth mouthfeel, and short texture


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Agglomerated maltodextrin is used both as an energy source and, due to its secondary properties such as foam stability, as a stabiliser, filler, preservative and ingredient in food production. It is added to foods to improve their rheological and energetic properties and is also used as a baking agent and baking base for fine baked goods to improve the crumb structure and enhance crust browning. In recent years, maltodextrins have been used in modern food technology as fat replacers.