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Ferro Silicon Manganese

Ferro Silicon Manganese is a synthetic material produced by combining iron, silicon and nitrogen. It is characterized by a high level of hardness and temperature resistance, which makes it useful in the metalworking industry for applications such as cutting and grinding steel and other metals. Due to its high wear resistance, it is also used in the manufacture of cutting tools and grinding wheels. Ferro Silicon Nitride is also resistant to corrosion and chemical attack, which promotes its use in demanding environments. It is an important material for applications where a high level of hardness and wear resistance are required.


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This substance is used in the steel industry to produce alloyed steel in order to improve its mechanical properties, such as hardness and strength. Ferrosilicon manganese can also be used in the iron and metallurgy industry and in the foundry industry for the production of cast iron alloys. It is an important component in the production of high-quality and alloyed steels.