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Raw materials for the industry

Fused Dolomite

Fused Dolomite is obtained through the melting process of dolomite rock. Due to its unique properties, it can be used in many ways. It is particularly characterized by its high purity and chemical stability. Its excellent heat resistance makes it ideally suited for use in the refractory industry.

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Aggregate in steel production; flux in glass production; filler in the production of cement and concrete to improve strength and durability; pH value regulation in agriculture; treatment of waste water

Other Products

Raw Flint Clay


Raw Flint Clay is a special type of clay that is used in various industrial applications due to its high refractoriness and chemical resistance. It is a form of kaolin clay...

Lightweight Fillers


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Zircon Sand


Zircon Sand is a heat-resistant mould base material consisting mainly of the heavy mineral zirconium silicate. It comes from natural sand deposits.