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Raw Kyanite

Raw Kyanite is an aluminosilicate mineral. After ore crushing the kyanite crystals are separated from other ore elements by heavy media separation and flotation. Concentration after this process is 92 – 96% of Raw Kyanite crystals. After further processing different grain sizes down to micronized powder are produced by milling. During firing, Raw Kyanite converts to mullite with an irreversible thermal expansion. This helps to compensate shrinkage of other minerals in shaped and unshaped refractories Raw Kyanite has excellent thermal shock resistance and hot crushing strength.

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Foundry moulding sands; foundry coatings; brake linings; ceramic products; kiln furniture; abrasives Refractory Industry: The biggest consumer of Virginia Kyanite™ ist the refractory industry. Kyanite is used for shaped and unshaped refractories. The high thermal expansion of Kyanite can compensate the shringage of other raw materials, mainly in the production of refractory bricks, castables, mortars, gunning and ramming mixes. The addition of Kyanite also reduces the porosity and increases the mullite content. The mullitazation improves the thermal shock resistance, the hot modulus of rupture as well as the creep and corrosion resistance. Foundry Industry: Kyanite is used as high temperatur mould sand. Kyanite in sizes -200 mesh and -325 mesh is also an important component in foundry coatings. Ceramic Industry: Kyanite is used in the production of electro-porcelain due to its high thermal shock resistance and low electric conductivity. In sanitary ware Kyanite compensates shrinkage of other raw materials and increases the mechanical strength. In kiln furniture Kyanite avoids cracking, increases mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance.

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