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Soap Noodles

Soap Noodles, also known as soap flakes or soap bars, are a raw material used in the production of soaps. They consist of solid soap blocks or pieces that are crushed into small noodles, pellets, or flakes. These Soap Noodles serve as the starting material for the manufacturing of liquid soaps, solid soaps, and other cleansing products. They are typically biodegradable, skin-friendly, and can contain various fragrances, colorants, and additives depending on the intended use. Soap Noodles are versatile and are used in personal care, household cleaning, and the cosmetics industry.

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These soap noodles are used as a base material for the production of liquid soaps, solid soaps and other cleaning products. They are generally biodegradable, kind to the skin and can contain various fragrances, colourings and additives depending on their intended use. Soap noodles are versatile and are used in personal care, household cleaning and the cosmetics industry.

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