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Raw materials for the industry

Fused MA Spinel

Fused MA Spinel, or magnesium aluminate spinel, is an inorganic material used in ceramics and materials engineering. It is characterized by a high level of hardness, thermal stability and resistance to high temperatures and chemical corrosion. Due to these properties, Fused MA Spinel is often used in refractory linings, insulators, crucibles and as a filler in ceramics and composites. It plays an important role in applications that are exposed to extreme conditions and require high wear resistance.

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MgO-rich spinels are mainly used as alternative to magnesia chrome bricks in MgO-based refractory products, e.g. in cement rotary kilns, in order to avoid the emission of CrVI during the break-out of bricks, which may be dangerous to the health of the workers and the environment. Al2O3-rich spinels are mainly used in Al2O3-based refractories, e.g. in monolithics for steel ladles, non-ferrous metallurgy and glass production.

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