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Polydextrose occurs as an odorless, off-white to light tan powder with a bland, slightly sweet to slightly tart taste, dependent upon grade. Polydextrose is also available as a clear, light yellow to colorless liquid (70% dry substance), which is odorless with a slightly sweet taste.


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Polydextrose is a bulking agent that is a randomly bonded condensation polymer of dextrose containing small amounts of bound sorbitol and citric acid. It is a water-soluble powder providing a ph range of 2.5–3.5. It is partially metabolized which results in a caloric value of 1 cal/g. As a reduced-calorie bulking agent, it can partially replace sugars and in some cases fats in reduced-calorie foods. It also functions as a bodying agent and humectant. Applications include desserts, specific baked goods, frozen dairy desserts, chewing gum, and candy. Usage levels vary according to application, but examples are frozen dessert, 13–14%; puddings, 8–9%; and cake, 15–16%.