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Calcined and reactive Aluminas are produced from aluminium hydroxide by calcination to products with high content of α alumina more than 90%.
According to final usage and requirements calcination is done in rotary and tunnel kilns.
Al2O3 content in the different grades ranges from 99 % up to 99.8 %. Soda content in standard grades is limited to max. 0.35 % but it can be reduced by special technologies up to max. 0.02 % 
After calcination the alumina is grinded in ball mills, the finer the particles are, the higher reactivity is given.
The d50 value varies between 0.5 – 5 micron.
Origin (local): China
Production process: calcination by aluminium hydroxide
Packing: Big Bags
25kg sacks
Hazardous goods: not dangerous
Applications: A full range of reactive Aluminas with monomodal, bimodal and multimodal particle size distribution is available to meet specific requirements regarding reactivity, water demand and rheology. Main applications of Aluminas are refractory, ceramics and polishing.


Chemical analysis:
Al2O3 99 - 99,8 %


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